• Operational Capacity per Tankful is 3.5 hours
  • Has a 7.0 H.P. engine and a 26 inch cutting width which means it will blow more snow in a shorter amount of time
  • Electric Start
  • 35-60% Less money than Toro, Honda, and Craftsman, yet Apache offers one year warranty
  • 4 Forward and 2 reverse gears for easy handling and storage
  • Easy to maneuver chute control

Detailed Specification

Max Working Load 2200 lbs./minute
Max Throwing Distance 10-15m
Max Working Width 28”(71cm)
Max Working Thickness 21”(54cm)
Power Supplier 7.0 HP (9.6w)
Transmission Type Friction Disc
Stage Gears 4 Forward and 2  Reverse
Fuel Capacity 6.5 L (1.7 US gal.)
Engine Snow Engine 185FS,
375CC, OHV, 4 cycle
Weight (lbs.) 115.0/125.0(kg)
Starting Method Recoil & Electric Starter (A/C)



Are you tired of shoveling that heavy, winter snow? Do you use a single stage, name brand snow blower that barely generates the power to clear snow? It is time you moved up to a two stage Apache Power snow blower that will blow snow as good or better than the old, popular brands in the marketplace. Compare the Apache with Toro. Apache has a 7.0 H.P. engine and a 26 inch cutting width. It will work through an average 0f 2000 lb. of snow per minute. With a large 1.7 gallon U.S. tank, you can blow snow for hours, including your neighbor’s property! This Apache Snow blower has electric start which makes it easy to start on those cold winter days.

Best of all, the Apache price is 35-60% less than the name brands. Compare the Apache 4-stroke engine to the Toro 7.0 H.P. Briggs and Stratton. You will be thrilled with the engine and overall performance of the Apache Snow blower.

For more information contact our Customer Service Department at 877-610-1915.