• Light Weight – 80lbs
  • Small size for easy storage
  • Super quiet muffler and throttle with idle control saves fuel and reduces noise
  • Full power panel with engine shut-off switch, volt meter, circuit breaker
    and two standard outlets (fully protected 110v/60hz)
  • Handles most RV microwave units
  • Handles most AC Units– 15,000 btu and under
  • Emergency home power and more

Detailed Specification

Dimensions 23”x 18.5”x 19”
Max Current 30 amp
Net Size (L*W*H) 19.2' * 15.6' * 16.7'
Net Weight 80 lbs.
Engine 6.5 hp, 196cc
(pull start)
Rated Output 3000 watts
Peak Surge Output 3500 watts
Power Conversion Rate 85-92%
Fuel Consumption At Rated Output 0.55 L/kwh



Apache 3500 Gas Powered Generator’s small size and light weight makes it so convenient when camping, charging batteries, or boating. This is a great unit for powering your TV, computer and all small electric devices. This generator is equipped with an exhaust system that is quiet, clean and meets all environmental standards.

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