• Delivers power and durability
  • 5 different spray styles, for job versatility, in one adjustable nozzle
  • Durable steel frame with 10 in. pneumatic tires
  • Included accessories: 25 ft. hose, spray gun, detergent nozzle and 25° high pressure nozzle

Detailed Specification

Model PCM-170
Pressure (PSI) 2500
Maximum Pressure (PSI) 2700
Flow (GPM) 2.5
Maximum Power Output 6.5HP/3600mp
Pump/Drive Axial/Direct
Water Out Hose (M) 10
Shipping Weight 75 lbs.



This Apache pressure washer delivers powerful cleaning at 2500 PSI and since Apache is dedicated to providing value and quality, this unit offers 5 different spray styles with one adjustable spray nozzle. It uses a gas-powered engine to exponentially boost water pressure from 1000 to 2700 PSI. We’re talking about serious water pressure that can actually clean stuff. It cleans large surface areas like decks, driveways and homes with less time, effort and water.

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