Service & Warranty


Warranty Guarantee & Service Policy

1) The engine Date of Manufacture:
The serial number of LCT engine is stamped into each engine. For example: serial number 1060H1201671 may be deciphered in this manner; the first two digitals 10 is the year 2010 when the engine was manufactured, the sixth and seventh digitals 12 is the month of the engine was manufactured, which is December in this case.
2) Emission Compliance Period:
The engines manufactured by LCT within EPA Engine Family ALCTS.4142ZX have Emissions Compliance Period of 250
hours, and the engines manufactured by LCT within EPA Engine Family ALCTS.2081ZX have Emissions Compliance Period of 125 hours.
The LCT Engine family number can be located on the EPA sticker which is on the front surface of engine body.


Apache Power Industrial is providing two years standard emission-related warranty for all Apache Power products lines. The emission-related warranty covers all components whose failure would increase an engine's emissions of any regulated pollutant. This emission related warranty is available regardless of whether you register your product as described above.

Apache Power Industrial offers a one (1) year limited parts and labor warranty from the original date of purchase. The original purchase date is found on your bill of sale. Apache Power Equipment used in commercial applications is warrantied for six (6) months from date of purchase.

We will repair and/or replace any original part(s) of the product that are defective in material or workmanship. Transportation and shipping costs for parts submitted for repair or replacement are the full responsibility of the purchaser.

At the time of the repair and/or replacement, the purchaser must submit proper warranty registration information and original bill of sale to the Authorized Service Center for submission to Apache Power Industrial or we are not liable for said repair and/or replacement.

This warranty and guarantee does not include replacement of parts in connection with normal wear and tear or routine maintenance procedures, including, but not limited to: starters, oil changes, spark plugs, filters, wires, batteries, tires, etc. We are not responsible or liable for incidental and/or commercial loss due to equipment failure and/or breakage. We are not responsible or liable for failure and/or breakage of products due to neglect of standard maintenance procedures, gross abuse or improper storage on the behalf of the purchaser or user. We are not responsible or liable for cosmetic damage such as scratches and dents due to shipping and storage. Following thorough testing and evaluation, if our Warranty Department doesn’t find the unit working under the same conditions you described, we will bill you for the replacement equipment you received and the cost of shipping both the new equipment and the warranted equipment.

Warranty period starts on the date of purchase by the end-user, and warranty registration must be completed and returned to Apache Power Corporate office within thirty (30) days of original purchase for warranty guarantee to be valid. You may complete your product registration at or by filling out the registration form attached, and mailing to:

Apache Power Industrial
2013 Lamar Dr.
Round Rock, TX

If you have filed a warranty claim, Apache's Service and Warranty Dept. may request you send your warranted Apache equipment to our head office. This will be initially shipped at Apache's expense.
Under certain circumstances falsifying warranty claims constitutes fraud and could be prosecuted in a court of law.

Contact Apache Power, Corporate Office at 1-877-610-1915 for the nearest Apache Products Authorized Service Center.